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Product Trial Agreement

This agreement is between SEERS Medical Ltd specified below (“SEERS”) and you “The Customer”

  1. The Customer requests a trial of SEERS product(s) as specified in the attached Order Acknowledgement for a period of up to four weeks. The trial period shall commence upon the delivery of the product(s) to the customer.
  2. All trial products will be supplied in a SEERS Demonstration Colour.
  3. The Customer will retain the original packaging (plastic bag/box) to use in the event the product(s) need to be returned.
  4. The Customer may use the product(s) during the trial period with any patients and will use their professional judgment regarding the clinical appropriateness of SEERS products for each individual patient.
  5. The Customer agrees to take care of the product(s) and prevent any abuse/ damage of the products during the trial period. Operations and care instructions are included with your trial products. Any damages caused during the trial period will be charged at cost.
  6. At the expiration of the trial period, The Customer agrees to either:

a.      Purchase the trial product(s) at the quoted prices; applicable taxes and shipping charges will also be applied.

and / or

b.      Return the trial product(s) to SEERS:

  • Collection will be made within 10 working days of expiration date.
  • The Evaluation Form is to be filled out prior to collection of the product.
  • The Customer should use original packaging material (plastic bag/box) to properly package the product(s). If the original packaging is unavailable, customer must contact and advise SEERS prior to collection.
  • The Customer will be responsible for ensuring that the product(s) are cleaned (free of all debris) and decontaminated (using the attached Decontamination Note) prior to their return to SEERS. The Customer will follow cleaning instructions as outlined in the Operating Manual. Proof of this must be provided prior to collection.
  • All items will be checked for damage and misuse upon collection. Any damages will be charged to The Customer at cost. 
  • In the event that The Customer does not purchase the product(s), or if The Customer does not return the product(s) within 60 days, SEERS will invoice The Customer for the product(s) at the price in the associated quotation.

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