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About Us

SEERS Medical design and manufacture in the UK a wide range of patient examination furniture for various medical procedures including Podiatry,   GynaecologyUltrasound,  DialysisDay CareShoweringPhlebotomy, Lymphoedema,  Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Bariatrics. In addition to our our popular standard couch ranges, we now have entry level products with the Sterling 2 and 3 Section Couches, as well as manufacturing and supplying medical patient trolleys and  medical seating.

We provide a wide choice of medical couches and accessories to cater for various examination procedures as well as different manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques. We trust you will experience this for yourself when you purchase your SEERS Medical product. For further information on our range of couches and accessories please call +44 (0)1728 861590 or email