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NEW - SEERS Easy Clean Upholstery

SEERS Medical, the leading UK manufacturer of treatment & examination couches, has introduced a new and improved method of upholstery construction - the new Easy Clean Upholstery

Upholstery sections are expertly finished with a smooth, easy-wipe surface, making infection control a breeze.

A major advantage of this new type of upholstery construction is that there are no longer any exposed staples or folded material, meaning bacteria can no longer grow under them, resulting in an easier surface to clean and maintain.

An added benefit, in removing the visible staples, any potential risk of an injury from a missed sharp staple has also been removed.

The vacuum formed upholstery finish is manufactured in the UK from recycled ABS, a strong material often used in the automotive industry. This makes the backing highly durable and will last for many years.

Historically, and still used by many other couch manufacturers, upholstered sections are finished with a hessian material that can fray, resulting in it being impossible to clean properly.  The SEERS Easy Clean Upholstery is secured with super strong, flush-fitting poppers.

Fading is no longer an issue either as the recycled ABS upholstery backing is also ultraviolet resistant to sunlight and will retain its unique look. 

This new intelligent design from SEERS Medical increases rigidity & strength to the backing profiles and are design registered with the Intellectual Property Office (Registered Designs 6038182, 6038183, 6038184 & 6038185)

The new Easy Clean Backing can be ordered on the SEERS 2 Section & 3 Section Couches in the Therapy, Medicare and Innovation Ranges from October 1st 2018.

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