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Cleaning Upholstery on Medical Examination Couches & Treatment Plinths

The SEERS Guide to cleaning upholstery and vinyl used on SEERS Examination and Treatment Couches, as well as Medical Seating products.

Our main point of advice is not to saturate the product. Saturation could lead to seepage into hinges and cause rust, which can result in the hinge ceasing and failing to work.

For everyday cleaning and wiping down, SEERS recommend our Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Wipes. They are alcohol free, come in packs of 200, and use STERiZAR® technology to kill 99.9999% of bacteria. They are effective for up to 30 days, even when dry.

As the wipes are alcohol free, it means that they are much kinder to skin, and have been dermatologically tested, proving non-irritable to skin.

These quick-dry wipes are available at only £3.25 +VAT (for United Kingdom Mainland only, for other locations - please contact us).


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The SEERS wipes are perfectly matched with the new SEERS Easy Clean Upholstery system, which is an intelligently designed upholstery finish which completes the section with recycled ABS. 

This provides a large flat surface which is easy to wipe, rather than being finished with hessian which us prone to fray, proving impossible to clean.

The SEERS Easy Clean Upholstery is available now on Medicare, Therapy and Innovation  2 & 3 Section Couches. Find out more!

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