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Rehabilitation Product Range

The SEERS Rehabilitation Range comprises of 2&3 section examination and therapy couches and deluxe drainage couches for optimum patient positioning. Bobath couches provide a wide platform for neurological physiotherapy treatments. The intelligently designed Tilt Table Pro is designed for use in frailty and syncope assessments. Electric and hydraulic shower trolleys for adults and children complete the range. 

SEERS Therapy Deluxe and Deluxe Drainage couches have been designed to optimize patient positioning during therapy treatments. Similar to the 2 &3 section therapy couches there is a choice of Standard, Basic or Plus head options. The Deluxe Drainage couch features a split leg design for additional mobilisation techniques. The electric drainage facility is operated from either side of the couch and provides +25 ̊ angle adjustment at the hinge point of the of the mid and foot sections. An electrical perimeter foot switch system (EPFS) is standard on these models.

Bobath physiotherapy can form part of the rehabilitation process for patients suffering from a neurological condition. SEERS range of Bobath couches provide the therapist with a 105cm or 125cm wide platform on which they can perform the appropriate Bobath treatment techniques. Available as hydraulic or electric operation the Bobath couch has a safe working load of 250 kg and a low height transfer of 46 cm with hoist clearance beneath the frame. The Deluxe Bobath Couch is electrically operated, has a safe working load of 325kg and central locking castors with steering facility to optimise movement of the couch.

SEERS Tilt Tables are designed for syncope and frailty assessment and rehabilitation techniques. There is a range of models available to suit all budgets. Standard tilt tables offer divided leg options, central locking castors and adjustable work tables. The intelligently designed Tilt Table Pro features an Emergency Override facility enabling the table to return to horizontal immediately in situations such as fainting or cardiac arrest. A digital display handset is included as standard and provides live feedback on the height and angle adjustment of the table. A paediatric tilt table has been specifically designed to cater for children of all ages.

Designed to assist with patient hygiene, SEERS shower trolleys features a 125mm wheel system with central locking & steering facility for patient transport to the wet room area. Fold-down side rails assist with ease of patient transfer and a foam padded PVC cushion, liner, side supports and end panels provide additional patient comfort and security.  A low gradient tilt towards the foot end ensures water drainage via an integral waste outlet. A plug and drain hose are supplied complete with a storage bracket. Available as either hydraulic or electric battery operation. Battery operated models include a spare battery pack and charging unit. Paediatric and Adult models available.

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