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Free to a Good Home!

SEERS Medical are giving away a £3000+ RRP Malvestio Paediatric Intensive Care Bed to a good home in the UK.

The Italian made bed is fully electric and is provided with a mattress. SEERS are able to deliver the bed anywhere in UK Mainland for no charge. The only thing that SEERS ask is that the bed goes to a worthy cause and is put to good use.

Operated by two electric columns, the bed is capable of height adjustment from 57-97cm, and can achieve both Trendelenburg tilt & reverse Trendelenburg tilt to ±16°. 

The central locking wheel system allows the caregiver to lock the bed in place with the switch of one lever, rather than locking all wheels individually. 

The footrest is adjustable on a manual teeth-rack system, but the backrest is electrically operated with emergency release levers at both sides of the bed.

The control switch is integrated to the blue board at the foot of the bed, and has an efficient system that reduces power consumption when not in use.

The bed is also equipped with full-length protection side rails, in 4 separate sections. Each section has a dampener assisting the lowering of the rail for safe & silent descent. 

The overall dimensions of the bed are 183-218cm by 98cm. 

If you are interested in this bed, please contact us whilst it's still available!

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