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Relocation of John Mason to UAE

John Mason, the Sales Director of SEERS Medical, is relocating to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates!

With representation all over the globe, it is sometimes difficult to communicate with customers in certain time zones in an efficient manner. Although every effort is taken to supply customers and distributors with as much information as we can, there are always questions & queries that aren't commonly asked. 

In an effort to become closer and more communicative with our distributors throughout Asia & the Middle East, John Mason will be relocating to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. This will enable John to spend more time face-to-face with our customers in that region, which should further increase our presence and strength in the Eastern Hemisphere.

This does mean, however, that John's previously managed region of Scotland will be transferred to our Direct Sales Manager for the UK, Darren Corbett.

Darren has now been with SEERS for over 5 years, and has lots of experience in the medical industry, with an abundance of knowledge in medical couches. If you need to contact Darren, you can do so here!

We wish the best of luck to John at his new location!

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