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SEERS Medical are continuing to exceed health & safety regulations at its Debenham site

SEERS Medical are continuing to exceed the requirements of health & safety regulations, and focus on ensuring continual improvement at all times.

SEERS Medical take health & safety and safeguarding of all employee’s seriously.

They have applied significant investment into ensuring that all aspects of our work meet and exceed current regulatory requirements

With the help of external Chartered support  SEERS maintain an up to date knowledge of health and safety developments and have recently introduced new measures in line with our safety focused objectives! Most recently we have focused our attention on our outside areas and have reviewed and improved our pedestrian vehicle segregation plans.

Examples of our continued commitment to safety and health are:-

  • Updated pedestrian walkways and crossing points
  • New crosshatch areas for logistics
  • Provision of additional storage to improve space for safety in production spaces
  • Compulsory wearing of HI –VIS for all staff and visitors in vehicle movement areas
  • Occupational health programme to ensure the wellbeing of all employees
  • A comprehensive and extended training programme for all employees to ensure competence

Heath & Safety