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Business Mission to Singapore & Philippines 

SEERS Medical will be participating in the next EU Business Mission to Singapore & Philippines

The business mission under the EU Business Avenues in South East Asia programme will see SEERS Medical travel to Singapore and Philippines 28 August 2018 to 4 September 2018.


The business mission will first travel to Singapore to participate in Medical Fair Asia 2018, before flying over to Philippines for 2 days of pre-arranged business meetings with local stakeholders.

The increase in demand for healthcare and medical technologies in South East Asia is driven by rising affluence, changes in the public healthcare schemes, aging populations and the increase in chronic diseases.

In recent years the Philippines has witnessed an increase in more investment for public-private partnerships (PPPs) for major hospital infrastructure projects. At the same time the digital landscape is changing fast with the public and private sector pushing for the digitisation of healthcare information and accessibility for the benefit of the population.

SEERS Medical know the importance of being involved in business missions as they can create real relationships.

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