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New Tilt Table Pro with Emergency Override!

SEERS Medical have been working with a local hospital to develop the brand new innovative Tilt Table Pro.

A frequent question about the SEERS Tilt Table range is for a manual override, or "quick-release", in the event for the need of emergency CPR. We have listened to these requests and have developed a new mechanism to override the tilt actuator and return a patient to horizontal within seconds.

This brand new product includes many desired features to assist the clinician or aid-giver with efficiency and safety.

Key Features & Benefits:

Emergency Override
The highly requested emergency override is now available. This allows the clinician to return the patient to horizontal in the event of emergency, within seconds. The mechanism is gas assisted to help the clinician ensure the patient's safety and wellbeing.

Once the patient has been returned to horizontal and/or removed from the table, the table can be lifted back to the position at which the override was activated, and the table is good to go again!

15 Second Motors with Soft Stop
The existing SEERS Tilt Tables bring a patient from horizontal to vertical in 30 seconds, but the new Tilt Table Pro does this in 15 seconds. The soft stop feature also ensure the table is stable and does not judder upon stopping - ensure safety & security.

Digital Display Handset
The new Digital Display Handset is revolutionary for Tilt Table treatments. The device gives live feedback of the height (cm) and tilt angle (°) of the table, has 3 memory store positions and has intelligent software built in to ensure the table is at a suitable height to begin tilting. There is also a CPR function which when held will bring the table to a suitable working height and tilt to horizontal simultaneously. 

Easy Clean Upholstery
The new Easy Clean Upholstery system is fitted as standard to the Tilt Table Pro, maximising infection control and encapsulating all staples from the upholstery, creating a large wipable surface. 

Large Mobile Wheel Design
125mm Central Locking Castors are fitted to the SEERS Tilt Table Pro, incorporating three locking modes: free roam, directional lock and full lock. The directional lock fixes one of the four castors into a straight line, to assist with steering. The large ergonomic pedal levers make switching between locking modes easy for the clinician.

Models Available
The table is available in either single leg (ST7645) or divided leg design (ST7645DL). All models include a full set of harnesses, a worktable and a set of handgrips.

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