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Upholstery Service

SEERS Medical can supply and manufacture replacement upholstery sections to customer’s specific requirements, often being able to match colours of vinyl to other existing products in the vicinity if necessary.

When carrying out Hospital visits and site audits, we are frequently finding damaged upholstery sections on treatment tables, presenting a potential risk to infection control. This can be quickly fixed with replacement upholstery sections.

SEERS has developed its upholstery sections, to include large rounded edges, reducing sharp corners that are often the areas receiving damage, when nudged against walls or doors. SEERS can supply various methods of fitting, from simple wood screws to an inserting with bolt fixing kit, allowing simple fitting on site by either ours or your service engineers. This method guarantees alignment with existing attaching lugs or holes, giving your existing couches a new lease of life and not a device harbouring infection.

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