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Model Number 06H-9500-SF

TENTE 200mm Patient Trolley Central Locking Castor

  • £89.25 +VAT

A large 200mm directional locking, non-marking castor with fixing bolt for couches with a central locking system.

Manufacturer TENTE
Replacement 150mm Central Locking Castors for treatment couches with large mobile wheel design.

Colours Available

Our couches are available in a wide choice of colours. Pick from 15 different colours from the Mundial Range.


Note: The illustrated fabric colours may vary slightly from actual fabric supplied. However, every attempt has been made to make them as accurate as possible. Our policy of continuous improvement means that we reserve the right to change and modify designs without prior notice. Measurements may vary +/- 2° or +/- 5mm due to manufacturing tolerances.

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