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New Syncope Table with Emergency Down Facility!

SEERS Medical have been working with a local hospital to develop a brand new innovative Tilt Table for syncope.

A frequent question about the SEERS Tilt Table range is for a manual override, or "quick-release", in the event for the need of emergency CPR. We have listened to these requests and have developed a new mechanism in the event of syncope during tilt table testing.

The SEERS Tilt Table range now consists of 10 different models:

NEW - Syncope Table

This brand new product includes many desired features to assist the clinician or aid-giver with efficiency and safety.

Emergency Down Facility (EDF)
The highly requested emergency down facility is now available. This acts as a manual override for the clinician to return the patient to horizontal in the event of emergency, within 1-3 seconds. The mechanism includes gas assistance to ensure the patient can be positioned safely for treatments such as CPR.

Double Speed Motors with Soft Stop
The existing SEERS Therapy Tilt Tables bring a patient from horizontal to vertical in 30 seconds, but the new Syncope Table does this in 15 seconds. The soft stop feature also ensure the table is stable and does not judder upon stopping - ensure safety & security.

Battery Back-Up Facility
Available as an option on any electric SEERS couch, the battery backup facility will be fitted as standard on the Syncope Table. This is a complete fail-safe, should mains power be cut off and the user needs to be electrically returned to flat. 

Models Available
The Syncope Table will be available in either single leg (ST7645) or divided leg design (ST7645DL), on a large mobile wheel design only - which includes steering facility and central locking castors. All models include a full set of harnesses, a worktable, a set of handgrips, an inclinometer and a handset for height & tilt adjustment.

Economy Models - Adult

Our Economy range is the most cost effective fully sized tilt table. It features electric height adjustment, along with electric tilt from horizontal (0°) to vertical (90°). As standard it is supplied with a double hand switch, but is available with a 2 Channel foot switch for hands-free profiling.

The Economy model features independently braking 125mm castors, which are shock absorbent, and are conductive to protect users and the table from electrostatic discharge.

This model does not include a worktable, although is included with the Standard & Deluxe models. All models include a set of harnesses to secure the patient to the table during the procedure. Pictured is Model ST7640 in Lotus Green.

Standard Models - Adult

The Standard range has all of the features of the Economy models with additional characteristics, such as:

  • Work table supplied as standard
  • Large mobile wheel design with central locking castors & steering facility

The Large Mobile Wheel Design (LMWD) enables the user to select the castors to freely swivel, lock in one direction for transport, or fully lock whilst being used for a procedure.

The Economy, Standard & Deluxe models are all available in either a single leg or divided leg design. Pictured is Model ST7641DL in Dark Grey.

Deluxe Models - Adult

The Deluxe Therapy Tilt Tables also feature an adjustable backrest section, which means the table can double up as a two section examination or treatment table.

As standard, the backrest is gas assisted, however the table is available with an electric backrest as an optional accessory. The table also features a work table and harness set, along with the large mobile wheel design from the Standard models.

All adult-sized tilt tables come with a safe working load of 225kg (495lbs), are supplied with a lifetime frame warranty and a 5 year guarantee on moving parts. There are 15 vibrant colours to choose from, all of which are available at no additional cost. Pictured is Model ST7647 in Sky Blue.

Paediatric Tilt Tables

As well as a range of adult-sized tables, SEERS also offer two variants of paediatric tilt tables, intelligently designed for use with younger patients. They feature an overall length of 158cm, as opposed to the 195cm length adult-sized models, and a reduced safe working load of 200kg (440lbs). 

Whilst being optional accessories on adult-sized models, the pommel and pelvic supports are included as standard with the Paediatric Tilt Table, to ensure the patient is supported and secure.

All tilt table models feature a 16cm (6") hoist clearance - in case the patient needs to be lifted on and off the table. The table is available with either independently braking castors (ST7650) or central locking castors (ST7651). Pictured is Model ST7651 in Poterie.

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