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Medical Couch Re-Upholstery 

Why should you re-upholster your Couch or Table?

SEERS Medical can supply and manufacture replacement upholstery sections to customer’s specific requirements, often being able to match colours of vinyl to other existing products in the vicinity if necessary.

Infection Control

Rips or tears in upholstery can result in bacteria growing and breeding, which could then be transferred from patient to patient. This can result in an infection spreading, which is easily avoidable by having a couch section re-upholstered.

Time for a Revamp

Just because your couch has a torn upholstery section doesn’t mean you need a new couch! 

Why not use the SEERS Medicals re-upholstery service to give your couch a new lease of life? With 18 different colours to choose from, you can change the look of the entire room!

SEERS Re-Upholstery Service

Patient Discomfort

If your couch has used & worn-down upholstery, it can be uncomfortable for patients to sit or lay on. SEERS provide 60mm thick upholstery as standard, with availability for extra foam depth as an optional accessory.


Upholstery Supplier for Multiple Manufacturers

Here at SEERS we are able to supply upholstered couch sections for a variety of couch manufacturers, including AKRON, Medi-Plinth, Plinth 2000 / Plinth Medical, Bristol Maid, Sunflower Medical, Doherty / SID HIL.

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