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SEERS Away Day 2019

To build morale & inform the team of things to come, 50+ SEERS employees enjoyed a day at Copdock Hall, Ipswich. 

Customer satisfaction & happy employees are at the heart of our business plan. To ensure we can provide the best service, products and solutions for our customers around the world, we brought the team together for a team-building event, provided by Right Angle Events. 

The event involved a series of challenges that involved communication and teamwork, such as problem solving, puzzles and riddles. This enabled different members from various departments at SEERS to work together and help one another reach their end goal.


The day was also a way to inform the team of upcoming changes & products and to discuss ideas for future developments. One of the biggest projects to date for SEERS is CLINNOVA, a new market-leading range of examination couches & treatment tables. This design will surpass our current Medicare & Therapy Couches, with an innovative and modern successor. 

Systems such as Easy Clean Upholstery are stepping stones towards the final product release, whilst the range is migrated across to the new frame design. The benefits of the CLINNOVA frame include a modular wheel system, allowing many more variants so that you or your customer can design their couch the way they want it. Models such as Orthopaedic Couches on a large mobile wheel design is not something SEERS has previously offered, but our new Orthopaedic Couch will have this possibility,

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