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SEERS can help with CQC Compliance

SEERS Medical offers services which ensures that treatment couches can continually meet standards set by the Care Quality Commission. These services include repairs, servicing & maintenance and re-upholstery.

Upholstery sections which are torn can become a breeding ground for bacteria. When these bacteria grow then infection can spread throughout the examination couch. Infections can be harmful to both the patient and the environment surrounding the couch.

The 2008 Health and Social Care Act - Regulations 2014: Regulation 15, Component 15 (1a) states that "all premises and equipment used by the service provider must be clean. Service providers must take action without delay when any shortfalls are identified."

Free of Charge Evaluations

SEERS have a team of skilled service engineers that can provide a free of charge couch evaluation in order to help CQC standards to be met.

During an evaluation, SEERS service engineers can assess:

  • Couch functionality

  • Upholstery condition

  • Spares & Repairs requirements

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