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Why Use a Height-Adjustable Examination Couch?

SEERS Medical is the leading UK manufacturer of height-adjustable examination couches & treatment tables.

Even though modern technology is constantly evolving and changing, many practices and practitioners still use "fixed height" examination tables. These are relatively low-cost, simple tables that give the practitioner only one height to examine the patient, which may result in back pain.

SEERS Medical endeavour to educate the benefits of using height-adjustable examination couches to assist patients to get on and off, along with enabling the practitioner to find a suitable height to examine the patient.  

Height elevation can be controlled effortlessly by a hand or foot switch, or hydraulic levers (manual pump) if preferred.

SEERS couches are available in many variants of size and sections, which all allow different techniques and patient positioning. Our best-selling products are the Medicare 2 Section Couch and Medicare 3 Section Couch.

Frequently, the reason for choosing a fixed-height table over a height-adjustable couch is the cost. SEERS has recognised this dilemma and have a very cost-effective range of electric couches - the Sterling Range

SEERS also have more advanced specialist products in the Clinical & Therapy Ranges:

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