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SEERS Medical Ergonomic Seating

SEERS Medical offer a wide range of ergonomically designed medical seating for many environments.
As healthcare professionals are often sat for long periods of time, it is important that correct posture and seating positions are encouraged to avoid back and strain injuries.

When searching for an ergonomic seating solution, key features for consideration should be:

Seat Height Adjustment
The chair should be able to be adjusted so that your hips are slightly higher than your knees with your feet firmly on the floor or footrest.

Seat Depth Adjustment
Needed to accommodate thigh length and enable you to sit back into the chair to gain support from the backrest. This will avoid pressure at the back of the knee, preventing restriction of circulation.

Seat Forward Tilt
Rotates the pelvis forward, putting the lumbar spine into its natural curve and therefore reducing stress on muscles & discs.

Backrest/Back Support Height Adjustment
The height of the lumbar curve differs from person to person, so the adjustment accommodates individual body shape to offer extra support where needed.

Reclining Feature
By taking the opportunity to recline in your chair when talking on the phone, in meetings or reading, you reduce back strain and allow the body to rest. A headrest is useful when you need to rest your head/neck to take the pressure, weight and stress off. This also aids correct upper spine posture. A headrest should be height & depth adjustable to provide correct head & neck support.

Height Adjustable Armrests
Armrests should be adjusted in height to support the arms & elbows to be in line with the desktop (up to 10% of body weight is placed through the arms!). The armrests on the chairs should also be able to set so that they do not interfere with desk access.

All SEERS Seating products are manufactured in the UK to the highest Quality Management standards. Many of our chairs have the above attributes, and benefit many healthcare professionals around the world.