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SEERS Medical Upholstery Sections Are Precisely Cut

SEERS Medical upholstery sections are cut using the latest technology to unsure reliability, durability and consistency.


The CNC Wood Cutting Machine at SEERS Medical in Debenham is working all day to produce exact section ready for the upholstery department to work their magic.

When SEERS first starting manufacturing medical & therapy couches they used to cut all upholstery sections out by hand with a jigsaw.


As SEERS Medical grew in size and output over the past ten years it came apparent that they would need to invest significant investment into a dedicated CNC wood cutting to keep up with demand.


The CNC machine can produce  2 sets of upholstery boards in under 7 minutes.


Here’s a picture of the machine in action at the Debenham factory:CNC Wood cutting

Yet another thing that makes SEERS Medical stand out from other UK manufactures of treatment & Therapy Couches / Plinths.

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