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Medical Couches, Plinths & Tables

Our Couches are split into 3 main product ranges

Shop our extensive range of patient examination couches, treatment beds, tables, trolleys and much more inside our  SterlingTherapy and Clinical Ranges.

SEERS Medical have designed and developed 3 key couch ranges aimed to meet the ever changing requirements for various healthcare markets. 

The Sterling Range is our entry level couch range ideal for a wide range of environments such as GP Surgeries, Out-patients, Private Clinic, as well as teaching and training courses in colleges and universities. 

Our Therapy Range offers a wide choice of physiotherapy and rehabilitation models and accessories to cater for various treatment procedures, manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques. 

The Clinical Range includes patient examination couches for numerous medical procedures, including specialist treatment areas such as Gynaecology, Ultrasound, Phlebotomy, Lymphoedema and Dialysis. This range also includes the modern Innovation Range, designed for specialist medical procedures. With a high emphasis on patient comfort and safety and improved manual handling solutions the fully electric functionality provides smooth lifting, patient profiling and CPR functionality during patient examination and treatments.