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SEERS Donate to Local Care Home

Towards the end of August, SEERS began the search for a good home for a variety of our different Medical Treatment/Transportation Chairs. After carrying out a search for local care homes, SEERS found Mills Meadow. 


Mills Meadow is a Care UK Residential Home, based in Framlingham (Suffolk, UK), that provides a warm and comfortable environment for our older generation. As one of the UK’s largest care home providers, their aim is help residents lead fulfilling lives by getting the most out of every day and providing a safe and caring space.

A variety of treatment chairs have been donated by SEERS, each offering different features & benefits for the care staff and their residents. Most offer a safe and comfortable means of transportation, while also being able to be used for minor treatment and in communal spaces as a reclining day chair.

Sally Shadbolt, Home Manager, said:

SEERS Medical have been truly amazing to the residents in Mills Meadow. They have very kindly donated three specialist chairs along with free delivery. These chairs are excellent quality and will be put to good use immediately. The residents will benefit hugely from this very kind and generous offer. We cannot thank SEERS Medical enough, it is not everyday something like this happens.

We hope that the chairs are of great assistance to Mills Meadow and that they help accommodate the needs of both the residents and staff, whilst providing deserved quality comfort.

For more information about the centre, please contact 0333 321 1983 or visit their website at